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HR Support

With the HR Support Service you may assign any daily, HR related duty or task of your hotel to us and save time for other business priorities.

If you need support on how to create a Job Ad or on how to make it more appealing, we are here to save you time by preparing everything for you and uploading it on all your chosen recruitment platforms, on your behalf.

CV Screening and Interviewing, especially for seasonal hotels, is a time-consuming process that usually takes months to be completed. It also requires a relevant, specialized skill set. To provide this service, we utilize your applicant database and proceed with CV screening and interviewing of the candidates that adequately meet the job specifications and criteria for your job vacancies and are potential great matches to the profile of your hotel. Following the filtering and selection procedure we then give you the finalized recommendations for approval.

LinkedIn is the No. 1 Business Network in the world. It is a well-known social media used both by employers and employees for networking and job searching. For this reason, your hotel’s active presence on LinkedIn is fundamental. Gain more followers and brand recognition by sharing relevant and frequent posts that boost your Employer Branding.

Employee Engagement can be utilized as a great indicator of employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and high work ethic. Highly engaged employees tend to be mentally and emotionally more connected to the company, and since they experience this strong bond to work life they also tend to perform better, have higher morale, be more loyal to the employment and contribute more to the overall goals of the organization. At My Ikigai, we design tailor-made engagement surveys which measure all crucial categories that define employee engagement in an organization: fairness, trust, pride, work-life balance, compensation and benefits, internal communication, leadership, collaboration.

Payroll and Ergani Updates along with frequently changing in labor legislation, can be a struggle to keep up with. The experienced and fully equipped My Ikigai team is here to take this weight off your shoulders and  free up your busy schedule for other business priorities and pursuits.

Employer Branding

Employer Branding

Whether your hotel is brand new or well-established, Employer Branding is essential for reputation building, growth and maximization and will definitely help you stand out from the competition among employers. With this service we:

HR Consulting

HR Strategy

At My Ikigai, we design tailor-made strategies, procedures and action plans that have a great deal of positive impact on your hotel. Moreover, we provide insightful training and effective guidance to your team, through the whole process, in order  for them to become capable of applying it independently.

Business success is largely based upon having the right number of employees, that have the qualifications and skills relevant and essential to the job, and placing them in the right positions. It is, as a matter of fact, a challenge finding the right People hen you need them. That is why you need to strategically plan this procedure and align everything with the business goals of your hotel. Whether your hotel is new or well-established in the market, you need to have a clear plan on how you can operate in the most efficient way, taking into consideration all the internal and external factors and limitations of your company. Strategic Workforce Planning will put everything in order, for your hotel and will help you set priorities and make the right decisions for your most valuable asset: your People.

Knowing the number of People you need and for which vacant positions, is not enough in order to successfully start your search in the competitive hospitality market. Recruitment can be very costly for your organization if you do not effectively plan in advance and use all your resources. A Recruitment Strategy will give you a roadmap on how and where to find the right applicants.

With this service, we review your current recruitment strategy, and we provide you with useful recommendations and tips that when implemented will:

  • Increase your recruitment sources.
  • Amplify the number of applicants per vacant position.
  • Enhance your candidates’ experience.
  • Improve your interview process and hiring decisions.
  • Minimize the recruitment time and cost.

Is your compensation system considered fair by your employees? Are they satisfied? Do they feel that they have a work-life balance? Are your hotel’s compensation and total rewards schemes competitive within the market? Do you often end up paying more than you had originally budgeted at the beginning of the season/year? These are important questions that need to be answered in order for you to attract and retain the right employees. Through this service we evaluate your current compensation system and present you with options and solutions based on your business goals and budget. 

How do you track and identify the most qualified and successful employees in your teams? And how do you track the less effective ones? Do you have specific criteria upon which you evaluate their effectiveness and if yes, are they aware of these criteria and the way they are being put into practice? A performance appraisal process is absolutely vital for your organization in order to not only create a fair and flourishing work environment and culture but also to ensure that you can maintain your employees  engaged, focused and aligned with your business’ goals and vision. Through this service we deliver the following: We define your business goals as well as key performance indicators that we need to be able to track performance in your organization, and we then create a performance appraisal system that is customized to meet your needs and match your hotel culture.

Employee Engagement can be utilized as a great indicator of employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and high work ethic. Highly engaged employees tend to be mentally and emotionally more connected to the company, and since they experience this strong bond to work life they also tend to perform better, have higher morale, be more loyal to the employment and contribute more to the overall goals of the organization. An Employee Engagement Action Plan is a powerful tool for an organization that can enhance employee retention, facilitate a positive and healthy work culture and boost your profile as an Employer. Through this service we create employee activities, company events and programs that promote team bonding, increase employee sense of fulfillment and well-being, highlight reasons to celebrate and nurture social responsibility, all customized to your hotel’s vision, priorities and budget.

Having conducted a thorough job analysis for every job position in your organization, we will provide you with clear job descriptions. Clear job descriptions will function as your reference point and a fundamental element for almost all HR processes in your hotel: talent acquisition, interviewing and selection, training, performance appraisal, succession planning, compensation and rewards. Realistic and comprehensive job descriptions foster a culture or fairness, trust, collaboration and healthy communication in your organization. They also help your hotel be efficient in decision making, well organized and cost-effective.

Employee Onboarding is a process that helps new hires acclimate and integrate into the social and technical aspects of their role in your organization. A smooth employee onboarding process enhances the employee experience, retention and performance and boosts your profile as an Employer. By creating a 3-phase plan for your hotel, we introduce actions for the pre-opening phase as well as the opening and the post-opening, making sure your hotel makes a great first impression to the employees.  

On the other hand, Employee Offboarding is the reverse process of Onboarding, following when an employee leaves an organization. A smooth transition is crucial at this phase not only for the employee who is leaving but also for the rest of the team that stays and needs to feel safe, comfortable and supported. Employee Offboarding can impact your employer brand and hotel operation negatively if it ends up being an unpleasant or painful experience for the parties involved. At my Ikigai, we create a controlled and balanced Offboarding process that protects your reputation as an employer and facilitates your hotel’s smooth operation. Moreover, a customized exit interview which is included in this process, can be utilized as a source of valuable insight and feedback regarding any potential improvements that need to be made or as compass to successful decision making.

Workshops and Trainings

Trainings & Workshops

Providing opportunities for workshops and trainings is an excellent way to upskill your team, improve their performance, boost collaboration and increase their engagement.

All our Trainings and Workshops, either happening on-site or online, are fully adapted to your team’s training needs and delivered by experienced instructors and facilitators:

  • Company Culture (Define your Company’s Vision, Mission and Values)
  • Leadership
  • Hospitality Customer Service Essentials
  • Complaint Handling
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Action
  • Workshops on Special Corporate Event Themes
SOPs Creation or Optimization

SOPs Creation & Optimization

We design effective, sustainable and customized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), for every  hotel department.

Apart from having an extensive and remarkable experience in hotel operations, we also use the Lean Six Sigma methodology to generate lean processes that can resolve operational challenges and fully support your team and business goals.

All our SOPs come along with work flow charts, checking lists and operation manuals to help your team thrive.

Make the most out of this service by providing the relevant SOPs in Action training course that will help your teams familiarize with the new procedures, understand them in depth and reduce time to productivity.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a very powerful tool for Quality Assurance.

It  can present your hotel with great feedback based on your guest’s perspective. It allows you to monitor whether your hotel standards are being met and maintain a high level of guest satisfaction. In addition, you get feedback on your staff performance and thus it is a useful tool to identify the areas where employees need training on.

In Mystery Shopping one of our quality auditors will be visiting your hotel incognito and stay as a guest, where they will get a chance to experience your hotel’s services. After our auditor’s stay you will receive a detailed report stating their observations about services, products, available facilities and interaction with employees throughout their visit. The report will also be accompanied by particularly useful suggestions on how to improve further and excel.