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About Us

The Concept

Ikigai is a Japanese concept referring to a sense of purpose in life and a reason for being. One finds Ikigai when all aspects of their life come together and remain balanced. Our founder, Anthi Maneta, profoundly inspired by this concept, named her own quest for purpose “My Ikigai”, demonstrating a compound of her personal mission as well as her company’s mission.

Our Services

Our Services

Employer Branding
HR Strategy
HR Support
Workshops & Trainings
Mystery Shopping
SOPs Creation & Optimization
Why My Ikigai

Why My Ikigai

We speak the same language

All our team members have more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and thus we take pride in being able to understand your real needs, thought patterns and concerns.

At My Ikigai we have the expertise to consult you, support you and guide you through every step of your  employee’s life cycle and operational procedures.

We offer customized, impactful and doable solutions

We take into consideration your organization’s goals, priorities and unique characteristics and so all our solutions are completely applicable and customized to your specific needs.

What is more, the Lean Six Sigma Methodology we use, allows us to solve operational challenges successfully and provide you with cost-effective and sustainable results.

We save you time

Whether your hotel has an in-house HR Department or not, strategy creation, action planning, process creation or optimization and daily administrative tasks, always need an investment of time and resources to be done effectively.

With My Ikigai you can feel safe enough to delegate everything to us and save your time for the rest of your hotel’s business priorities.

We save you money

At My Ikigai we work as an extension of your team to ensure that you will save money and effort, with a complete, scalable HR support services plan that grows with you as you expand.

Whether your hotel has an inhouse HR Department or not, at My Ikigai you can find flexible programs of either consulting or outsourcing HR services that can support your hotel’s particular needs and avoid slowdowns that might occur due to missing or inefficient processes and systems.

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